Game Localization

3A works in a wide variety of genres and formats. We translate video game in over 80 languages. And this includes:

  • User interface (Menus, Help screen messages, System messages).
  • Text strings (Dialogues, Tutorials, Subtitles, Scripts).
  • Additional materials (Official guides or walkthroughs, Instruction manuals, Website, Game Blogs, Packaging, Promotional & Marketing material).

We have translated thousands of words for games, and we offer superior value in the game localization market.

Experienced Global Team

3A has localization production centers worldwide, with the most suitable resources and experienced personnel for each project. This ensures the final product has the best quality, no matter what the project.

Localization Project Management and Translator Recruitment

3A project managers and recruiters understand the importance of a customized approach to each game. From the translators and the workflow to the deliverables and the support, our game localization knowledge ensures flawless execution.

Game Translators

What differentiates 3A from the competition is our translators. They are true language professionals with a passion for gaming who are proud to produce high-quality localized games. Each translator is tested for the ability to deliver translated copy suited to the specific genre and style of each game.

Localization Engineers

3A localization engineers use state-of-the-art language translation memory tools to ensure code integrity, technical efficiency, and linguistic consistency in every step of the process. Most importantly, our localization engineers utilize the technology so it fully supports the artistic vision of the localized game.

Customer Service

3A account management team has worked with many game developers with a range of experience; some have extensive experience in large-scale localization, and some that are just getting started. 3A provides guidance on best practices for game localization as a standard part of our services.

Genres We Localize

  • Action
  • Shooter
  • Adventure
  • Simulations
  • Combat
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
  • Sports Games
  • RPG
  • Educational Games

Platforms We Localize

  • Consoles: Sony PS3/PS4, Microsoft XBOX 360/XBOX ONE, Nintendo Wii.
  • PC and Mac.
  • Handheld devices: Sony PSP, Sony Vita, Nintendo DS, Tablets.
  • Mobile handsets: Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry OS.