How we work

If, for example, you need a medical brochure translated into French, we select a French native translator with a medical background from our database to do the job. We take into account the style, audience and any specific terms you require. Each project is tailor-made for you and your business.

We use various checking procedures throughout the translation process, using a second translator to proofread the translated text to ensure translation quality. Once all checking procedures have been done, we give the finished text back to you for approval.

We only use mother-tongue native translators, not machines, with a thorough understanding of and years of experience in their technical field. Our translators cover all subject areas, from company reports to complex engineering manuals.

We've got Middle Eastern languages covered. Building a team of approved translators to match your requirements, we ensure quality and consistency in the short- and long-term. We build glossaries when required, make sure your instructions are adhered to and provide you with any information we feel is useful to you.
We become a part of your team