A poor translation, especially on websites or in portfolios, brochures and other documents, reflect poorly on the company/individual concerned. Conversely, a professional translation is a key factor in building a positive image and reflecting quality of work.

Our proofreading is completed by independent native speakers who are specialists in particular subject areas. Upon completion of the proofreading stage, we discuss all feedback with the translator and produce a revised version.

If you have any reference material, a previous translation, or a glossary of terms is available for consistency of style and vocabulary, this is welcomed.
We also provide proofreading-only services for companies employing in-house translators or for other translation agencies. We ensure that the appropriate style has been used and that your documents contain no errors.

What will we do for you?

  • Compare the translation with the original text,
  • Check spelling, identify misunderstandings, omissions or ambiguities,
  • Make constructive suggestions to improve the syntax and clarity of the text,
  • Consider the style and vocabulary of the translation,
  • Verify tables, figures, numbers, names, abbreviations, spacing, punctuation, metric conversions,