Whether the customer need records of one-on-one interviews, multi-speaker interviews, focus groups, structured interviews, IDI's, or panel discussions, 3A Translation team members have the experience to transcribe the audio. Our years of working with clients on different project types have given us the abilities needed to assess files quickly in terms of speaker perspective. For example, multi-speaker interviews and focus groups can be especially tricky when attributing content to the correct participant. 3A Translation retains a pool of transcribers who actually specialize in voice recognition. We are able to take any recording of multiple speakers and provide you with an accurate transcription that correctly identifies each speaker and their respective text, based solely on voice recognition.

3A offers transcription services in over 60 languages. We are able to offer our clients great value by basing our rates on a per-audio-minute scale.
There are typically small differences in price, based primarily on the availability of skilled transcribers for a language. For example, languages spoken more commonly, such as German, Spanish, French, and Italian, tend to be less expensive than languages such as Swahili, Urdu, and Kurdish. We can provide an immediate rough cost estimate, but to obtain a firm quote, we will ask for an audio sample to assess the difficulty of the project.