3A Translation offers a wide range of languages. Our large team of translators meets our high standards, meaning your final translation will read perfectly to a native speaker of that language. Our expert translators cover a wide variety of areas. We regularly perform the following work

  • Technical Translation
  • Software translation
  • Website Translation
  • Medical translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Legal translation
  • Automotive translation

3A offers high-quality service you can rely on. Our rates are extremely competitive, and discounts may be available for large volume and/or long-term projects. Request a quote or contact us on and we'll show you how easy it is to get started.

Our commitment to quality:

  • Quality: All our human translators are professional, qualified, experienced linguists who only translate into their mother tongue within their specialist subject areas.
  • Consistency: Once we have assigned translators to work on your projects, they will be re-assigned whenever possible to future projects, ensuring consistency throughout the assignments. Also, Tools such as Trados ensure consistency throughout large documents or a series of documents that have been produced and translated at different times. Trados will also recognize repeated text between documents and saves you money by avoiding the need to re-translate repetitions each time they occur in documents such as technical manuals.
  • Localization: Our translators and proofreaders ensure your project meets the linguistic and cultural needs of the target market. This is vital to make sure your document is appropriate to the market you want and that your document sounds natural.
  • Confidentiality: Our clients know they can trust us and that their confidential material stays confidential.

3A Translation Process

To make sure your translation completely meets your needs, here's what happens when you choose 3A:

  1. We communicate with you and find out your translation requirements & schedule, if you will require proofreading, and other important considerations.
  2. You send us your file(s) and we identify the best translator for your job. This will be an experienced professional with the right specialist knowledge. The translator is briefed and starts the translation.
  3. We pass on your instructions to the translator and stay in touch during the translation process to ease communication between the client and translator.
  4. Upon completion of the translation, the translator revises and checks their work. The translated content is revised by the proofreader and sent back to the translator for approval.
  5. The translation is sent to you via the agreed delivery method and in the format you have requested.
  6. Once you have received and are satisfied with your translated content, we will send you the invoice.